Buy and Hold Financing (Rental Loans)

Secure your long-term investment with Buy and Hold Financing, designed for acquiring properties that generate steady rental income.

Building Long-Term Wealth with Buy and Hold Financing

Investing in rental properties is a proven way to build steady, long-term wealth. At Migma, our Buy and Hold Financing is designed to complement your investment journey, whether you’re acquiring your first rental property or expanding your portfolio. We discuss your financial goals and help you understand your loan options, ensuring you choose the perfect solution for sustained success.

Buy and Hold Financing
(Rental Loans)

What is it?

Buy and Hold Financing, or Rental Loans, are used by investors to purchase properties that will be rented out for long-term income. This financing helps cover the purchase of rental homes, apartment buildings, or commercial properties. For example, an investor might use this loan to buy a multi-family unit that provides regular income through tenants’ rent.


  • Long-term financial stability through rental income.

  • Financing options include fixed and adjustable rates.

  • Suitable for residential and commercial properties.

  • Helps build a diverse real estate portfolio.

  • Equity growth over time.

Qualifications And Rates:

  • 30-Year fixed loans, PITI, IO, & ARM options available.

  • No Seasoning Requirements.

  • 1.0 DSCR threshold!

  • Portfolio or single-asset loans.

  • Up to 80% LTV (Purchase Rate)

  • Credit of 620 or better.

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