Private Money Partnerships

Expand your investment capabilities through Private Money Partnerships, pooling resources for larger, more profitable projects.

Expanding Possibilities with Private Money Partnerships

Join forces with other investors and multiply your investment capabilities through Migma’s Private Money Partnerships. Whether tackling larger projects or diversifying your investments, our partnership approach provides the support and resources needed. Discuss with us how joining a network can amplify your real estate endeavors.

Private Money Partnerships

What is it?

Private Money Partnerships involve collaborating with other investors to pool financial resources and share risks and rewards. This approach is particularly beneficial for large-scale investments or when multiple properties are involved. An example would be a group of investors pooling funds to purchase and develop a large commercial property.


  • Shared investment risks and rewards.

  • Access to larger capital amounts.

  • Opportunity for networking and partnership.

  • Diversification of investment portfolio.

  • Collective expertise and resources.

Qualifications And Rates:

  • Repayment of funds is sometimes not needed due to the partnership sharing in profits.

  • No minimum funding amount usually and repayment terms (if any), and rates, are flexible.

  • Usually meant for large real estate contracts or portfolio purchases.

  • Some legal work is necessary to ensure proper setup.

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