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At Migma, we’re not just fueling your real estate ventures; we’re supercharging them! Dive into a world where capital meets opportunity and every investor finds their path to success. With our dynamic range of partner lending options and cutting-edge educational courses crafted by top-notch experts, we're here to turbocharge your growth. Discover how our tailored solutions are designed to transform your real estate ambitions into spectacular achievements.

Kickstart Your Real Estate Journey with Migma Academy

Don’t just dream about real estate success—make it happen with Migma Academy! Dive into courses like 'Introduction to Underwriting' and 'Finding Profitable Flip Locations' and unlock the secrets to savvy investing. We’re more than just a course provider; we’re your stepping stone to mastering the market. With Migma, you get the knowledge to scout, evaluate, and seize top real estate opportunities. Ready to move beyond the basics? Join a community where action meets results, and every member is on a mission to win big in real estate.

Our Partner Funding Offerings

While Migma doesn't lend money directly, we built a specialized network of hard money, private money, and transactional lenders that cater specifically to investors that need capital for portfolio expansion.

Some of our partner services include:

Fix and Flip Lending

Transform properties and turn profits quickly with our Fix and Flip Lending, offering competitive rates and high purchase and rehab cost coverage.

  • Attractive Financing Rates: Benefit from rates as low as 6.39% to maximize your investment returns.

  • Substantial Cost Coverage: Get up to 90% financing on both purchase and renovation costs.

  • Swift Transaction Closures: From application to closing within 7-10 business days, speeding up your project timeline.

Buy and Hold Financing

Build long-term wealth with our Buy and Hold Financing, offering stable, long-term rental loans for acquiring rental properties that generate steady income.

  • Diverse Financing Options: Choose from 30-year fixed rates to adjustable-rate mortgages to best suit your investment plan.

  • High Leverage Opportunities: Secure up to 80% LTV for acquiring new properties or refinancing existing ones.

  • Streamlined Approval Process: Focus on the cash flow of the property, not your personal income, facilitating faster loan approvals.

New Construction Loans

Propel your portfolio growth with our New Construction Loans, specifically structured for developing commercial and rental properties from the ground up.

  • Customized Financial Support: Tailored funding solutions to meet the unique demands of new construction projects.

  • Investment-Focused Financing: Exclusively for commercial ventures, enhancing the profitability of your portfolio.

  • Strategic Development Funding: Ideal for investors aiming to capitalize on new property developments.

Debt Service Coverage Ratio Loans (DSCR)

Leverage the earning potential of your properties with our DSCR Loans, which prioritize your investment's cash flow over personal income for loan qualification.

  • Property Income-Based Lending: Qualify based on your investment's income potential, not your personal financial history.

  • Ideal for Partnership Investments: Especially effective for investors working in teams or partnerships.

  • Supports Innovative Investment Strategies: Perfect for those using modern strategies like the BRRRR method or short-term rentals.

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Unlock Your Real Estate Potential

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