Fix And Flip Financing

Jumpstart your real estate ambitions with Fix and Flip Financing, perfect for transforming undervalued properties into profitable sales.

Harnessing Opportunities with Fix and Flip Financing

Real estate flipping offers an exhilarating chance to turn a profit quickly. At Migma, we understand the dynamics of flipping and offer Fix and Flip Financing that aligns with your project timeline and budget needs. We take the time to understand your flipping strategy and provide financing that fits. Ready to start your next profitable project? Contact us for a strategy session to tailor a plan that maximizes your returns.

Fix And Flip Financing

What is it?

Fix and Flip Financing fuels your project from purchase through to renovation. Ideal for investors looking to quickly enhance and sell properties for profit, this financing supports both minor updates and major overhauls. Perfect for a first-time flipper buying a fixer-upper in an up-and-coming neighborhood, aiming to renovate and sell within a year for a substantial return.


  • Comprehensive funding that covers purchasing and renovation costs.

  • Tailored for quick turnaround projects.

  • High potential ROI on flipped properties.

  • Accessible to newcomers in real estate investing.

  • Streamlined funding process ensures you never miss a market opportunity.

Qualifications And Rates:

  • Rates starting at 8.5%.

  • Up to 90% financing of the purchase price and 100% of the rehab budget.

  • Loan to Cost up to 95%, and up to 75% of the After Repair Value.

  • No income or debt-to-income requirements.

  • Flexible terms from 12 to 24 months, with no prepayment penalties.

  • Fast closings within 7 to 10 business days.

  • New Flippers Welcomed! (No Experience)

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