Transactional Lending

Facilitate quick real estate transactions with Transactional Lending, designed for immediate, short-term financing needs.

Facilitating Quick Turns with Transactional Lending

For real estate investors focusing on wholesaling or double closings, Migma provides Transactional Lending that is as quick and efficient as your deals. We understand the need for speed in these transactions and offer funding solutions that match. Reach out for a strategy session to streamline your next real estate transaction.

Transactional Lending

What is it?

Transactional Lending is a short-term loan used primarily by real estate wholesalers and investors looking to quickly buy and then sell a property within a short timeframe, typically the same day. This is perfect for "double closing" (also known as "A-B – B-C" transactions) scenarios where investors buy and sell a property without using their own funds. For example, a wholesaler might use this to facilitate a deal between two simultaneous closings.


  • 100% financing of the purchase price.

  • No out-of-pocket costs for quick flips.

  • Perfect for wholesaling and double closings.

  • No credit or income verification required.

  • Extremely short loan terms (usually less than a week).

  • Used when contracts are non-assignable or to maximize wholesale markup.

Qualifications And Rates:

  • 100% financing for wholesalers involved in same-day double closings.

  • No minimum funding amount, with a maximum of $1,000,000.

  • Fees are 1% of the purchase price (minimum $750), with no additional or upfront fees.

  • Credit not a factor for obtaining funding.

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