DSCR Loans (Debt-Service Coverage Ratio Loans)

Leverage the earning potential of your rental properties with DSCR Loans, designed for long-term investment stability.

Streamlining Investment with DSCR Loans

Invest in rental properties smarter, not harder, with Migma’s DSCR Loans that focus on the income potential of your investment rather than your personal financial history. We explore your property’s income potential together and find a loan that enhances your investment portfolio’s effectiveness. Let’s discuss how we can transform your approach to property investment with tailored DSCR financing.

Debt Service Loan (DSCR)

What is it?

DSCR Loans focus on the income your rental property generates rather than your personal financial history, making it ideal for investors prioritizing cash flow over personal income. This is especially useful for purchasing a rental property expected to generate steady tenant payments, or refinancing an existing one to improve terms.


  • Based on property cash flow, not personal income.

  • No personal income verification required.

  • Ideal for refinancing to better interest rates.

  • Suitable for self-employed and freelance investors.

  • Supports investments in niche strategies like Short Term Rentals or the “BRRRR Method.”

Qualifications And Rates:

  • Fixed loans, PITI, interest-only, and ARM options available.

  • Rates start at 6.75%.

  • 1.0 DSCR threshold.

  • Loan amounts from $75K to $3 million.

  • No tax returns needed; suitable for various investment structures including LLCs.

  • Quick processing times—close in weeks, not months.

  • 620+ FICO Requirement.

  • Rental Purchase to 80% LTV.

  • No Seasoning for refinances.

  • Refinance Rate & Term up to 80% LTV.

  • Cash Out Refinance up to 75% LTV.

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