Private Money Lending

Leverage flexible and accessible funding with Private Money Lending, ideal for unique or non-traditional real estate investments.

Flexible Financing with Private Money Lending

Migma’s Private Money Lending offers the flexibility and quick funding real estate investors require. Perfect for unique or urgent investment opportunities that don’t fit traditional lending criteria, our private loans are structured to suit your project’s specific needs. Let’s talk about how private funding can be the key to unlocking your property’s potential.

Private Money Lending

What is it?

Private Money Lending involves loans from private investors or companies, offering greater flexibility than traditional banks. These loans are often used for projects that do not meet conventional financing criteria. An investor might opt for private money lending to fund a rehab project that requires quick, non-traditional financing.


  • Faster approval and funding processes.

  • Less stringent eligibility requirements.

  • Flexible terms negotiated with private lenders.

  • Accessible for unconventional or creative projects.

  • Strong relationships with lenders can lead to better terms.

Qualifications And Rates:

  • Sometimes 100% financing is available for close relationships and project size.

  • No minimum funding amount usually and repayment terms and rates are flexible.

  • Almost unlimited source of capital when lenders group together.

  • Usually credit not a factor for obtaining funding.

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